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Twelve Signs It Might be Time to Get New Gutters


Twelve Signs It Might be Time to Get New Gutters

Your gutters help keep your home dry, your foundation stable, and prevent erosion and other potential landscaping concerns. If your gutters are damaged, they will need to be replaced or repaired to ensure that they work at their full potential. It is important to schedule a gutter inspection if you notice any of these signs.
1. Dirt Channels or Standing Water
Sometimes, a blocked gutter can cause pools of water or dirt channels. However, these symptoms can also occur when there is no obstruction. It can be a sign that your gutter isn’t draining properly and can lead to mold and mosquito breeding.
2. Pitch or Sagging Issues
Sagging gutters could indicate that the gutter was not properly pitched or that the brackets are loose. If sagging gutters go untreated, they can cause damage to the entire gutter system. Sagging gutters can also fall on your home, causing injury or damage.
3. Fractures, Cracks, Gaps, or Gutters that have separated
These symptoms should be addressed immediately as cracks and holes can allow water to leak out and cause damage to your siding or fascia.
4. Mildew or Mold
Mold and mildew can be dangerous to your health. Damaged gutters can lead to leaking water that can become a catalyst for mold growth. You may need to schedule a gutter repair if you find mold in your basement, near your roof, or inside your gutters.
5. Rusty or Orange Discoloration
Rusted metal can crack and break easily. It is best to have your gutters replaced as soon as possible if they start to rust due to excessive rain.
6. Paint That Is Peeling
Leaky gutters can allow moisture to enter your home, which can cause unsightly peeling of paint. It may be time to replace your gutters if you notice peeling paint around your home.
7. Landscape or Soil Erosion
Gutter systems are designed to direct rainwater away in a steady stream. Leaky gutters can cause erosion and water damage to your property and flower beds.
8. Issues with the Foundation
Standing water from your yard can seep into the soil around the foundation, causing it to shift. Gutter problems could be the reason for foundation problems.
9. Unidentifiable Screws and Nails
Nails and screws can end up in your gutter brackets if they break. It’s time to replace your gutters if they are beginning to fall apart and losing screws.
10. Overflowing Water
Unobstructed gutters that are overflowing or not properly installed indicate that they have been poorly designed. A professional can replace your gutters and recommend a quality gutter system.
11. Exterior Water Damage
Water damage to the exterior of your home can make your house look unattractive and can reduce its curb appeal and property value. Leaky gutters are the most likely cause.
12. Basement Flooding
If water is seeping into your basement during heavy rains, improperly installed or improperly maintained gutters could be causing or contributing to the problem.

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