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Residential and Commercial Roof Replacement

Your home is an important investment, and a properly functioning roof is crucial to protecting that investment. When it is time to replace your roof, you can trust Impact Roofing & Construction. We provide high-quality residential and commercial roof replacement services in Evans and Augusta GA, and throughout the CSRA, and we are committed to the highest standards of customer service and craftsmanship from the first time you communicate with our team until the final moment we leave your property.

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Roof

All roofs reach the point where replacement is necessary. Although replacing your roof isn’t cheap, ignoring the signs may lead to damage to both the exterior and interior of your home. An experienced roofing professional can help you determine if your roof can be repaired or if a replacement is needed. Contact Impact Roofing & Construction today to schedule your roof inspection.
  • Your roof is aging. After 15-20 years, most roofs are not operating at maximum effectiveness. Replacing your 3-tab shingle roof with architectural shingles may also increase the weather resistance and lifespan of your roof in the future.
  • Problematic shingles. Missing shingles or shingles that are curling or buckling or showing other signs of wear may indicate it’s time to replace your roof. You’ll also want to take note of shingle granules collecting in your gutters. If you see dark discoloration on your shingles, this may also indicate that the granules are falling off.
  • Poorly functioning or poorly installed roof valleys. A roof valley refers to the point where two roof slopes meet. Water collects and runs down your roof valleys before being directed into your gutters. Proper installation of shingles in a roof valley is an important defense against leaks, and signs of wear and tear along a roof valley may suggest the need for a roof replacement.
  • Poorly functioning or poorly installed flashing. Flashing is installed around your chimney and pipe boots. Like roof valleys, signs of wear and tear to your flashing may suggest the need for a roof replacement.
  • Interior moisture damage. While the roof isn’t always the culprit, if you find signs of moisture in your attic or find interior ceiling stains, your roof may be leaking or showing other signs of failure or ineffectiveness.
  • Storm damage. High winds or hail can cause excessive damage to your roof. Tree limbs can also damage your roof. Impact Roofing & Construction ae the CSRA’s storm damage experts, and we can also help you navigate the insurance claims process.


There are multiple signs you may need to replace your roof. Storm, wind or tree damage, prior poor workmanship or normal wear and tear can cause issues with your roof. Impact Roofing & Construction can help you determine if you need a roof replacement. If so, we can help you choose the right roof for your budget and design aesthetic. We install asphalt shingle, metal and TPO roofing. We also offer the longest standing workmanship warranty* in the CSRA.
When you are searching for a trustworthy roofing company in the Evans/Augusta area that is experienced and reliable, make Impact Roofing & Construction your first choice. We will not disappoint you with poor workmanship or unprofessional service. For commercial or residential roof replacement services in your area, call us at 706-833-6775. Whether your roof has suffered damage, needs emergency repairs, or is simply worn out, our professional team can help. Our team will complete the roof job and make your home or business look brand new.
*10 year 3-tab shingle, 15 year on architectural shingle
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