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Is Roof Shingle Repair a DIY Job?


Is Roof Shingle Repair a DIY Job?

Are there missing shingles on your roof that you have noticed? You might feel tempted to DIY your roof repairs, and you are likely to find a number of online tutorials showing you how to replace asphalt shingles. However, it is important to evaluate if the potential short-term cost savings are worth the risk.
When you are considering replacing your roof shingles, here are some questions to ask yourself before you take out a neighbor’s ladder and try climbing on top of your roof.

Is it possible that a storm has caused the shingle destruction?

Your insurance may pay for a roof replacement if your region has been hit by hail or high winds. It is often worth it, even if your deductible is high. Advances in roofing materials mean this new roof is likely to last for several decades, even in extreme weather conditions, if installed properly by a qualified roofing professional.

Are you equipped with the right tools?

To install a new roof shingle, you will need to have more than just roofing nails. Specialized contractors will have the tools necessary to take out broken shingles. You will also require a method to remove the roof shingles that have been damaged.
When you consider all of the roofing tools, such as roofing caulk and pry bars, it is possible to see that hiring a contractor for roof repair work can be more economical.

Are you familiar with residential roofing?

If you are a seasoned roofer, minor repairs might not be a problem. Professional roofers receive extensive training. Additionally, they learn to safely complete dangerous jobs.
To complete the job yourself, you’ll need to lift heavy items on the ladder and finish a job feet off the ground.

What is the age of your roofing shingles?

Are you noticing a decline in roof quality? It’s possible that you’ll need to replace your entire roof. You don’t have to put out fires that may have led to a leaky roof. Instead, you can do the entire job in one go.
You might find missing shingles or damaged shingles while working on an old roof.
You may be able to replace your roof and upgrade your roofing system. You might want to completely change the look of your house by installing wood shake shingles, ceramic tiles, or asphalt composition shingles.

Do you want to take on more risk to make savings on replacement shingles?

Roofing is one of the most hazardous professions. Even those with the best safety precautions can still fall, causing injury or in some instances – death. Do you want to put your life at risk to repair a leaky roof or replace damaged shingles?

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