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What a Poor Roof Installation Can Do to Your Home


What a Poor Roof Installation Can Do to Your Home

Your roof should be durable. This means choosing only the highest quality products and materials, hiring the most qualified company, and having your roof installed, repaired, or re-roofed by a professional. Poorly installed roofs can lead to serious problems that will haunt your house for many years. Before you start your roof repair or roof replacement project, it is important to get to know and trust the reputation of the company.

You can be vulnerable to water and air leaks even if you buy the most expensive materials. Impact Roofing & Construction, a roofing company with years of experience in Evans, GA, and the CSRA, has compiled a list to help homeowners identify signs that their roof is not correctly installed.

Improper Use of Nails

Your roof’s ability to function is dependent on the health of your nails. The nails hold the shingles down. Your shingles will not function if your nails are not properly inserted or inserted too often. Your shingles will flake in the wind, and eventually fly off.

Failing to Flash

Flashing refers to metal placed at the roof joint. Flashing protects your chimney, and any other area from water damage and eventually leaks. Leaks are more likely to occur if the metal isn’t installed correctly.

Correct Shingle Placement

Placing shingles is both a skill and a process. If it isn’t done correctly, roof leaks can be disastrous and can lead to other problems that could cost hundreds of thousands.

Incorrect Gutter Installation

As with many other problems, a poorly installed gutter can carry water to a part of your roof that’s not capable of handling it or an area where the water can pool. This can cause the roof to collapse and lead to water damage.

It is important that you only hire reputable and professional companies when doing work at your house. You are putting your safety and investment at risk by choosing a company with a poor track record.
Impact Roofing and Construction, a family-owned and operated roofing and gutter company, serves Evans, GA and Augusta, GA, and the larger CSRA. We can assist you with roof repair, replacement, or re-roofing. Contact us now to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Impact Roofing & Construction can help with your roof needs.