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Gutter Guards: 7 Benefits That Only The Pros Know About


Gutter Guards: 7 Benefits That Only The Pros Know About

Gutter guards are a mesh overlay that attaches to your gutter system, helping to prevent debris from building up in your gutter system. If you’re wondering if gutter guards are worth the additional expense, here are some things to consider.

Save Time Spent Cleaning Your Gutters
Gutter guards keep leaves and debris from building up in the gutters. While some debris can collect even with gutter guards, gutter guards are much easier to clean than trying to clean clogged gutters. When installed properly, gutter guards will allow you to go significantly more time between gutter cleanings and make the cleaning process simpler.

Avoid Insect Infestations and Mice
One of the main benefits of gutter guards is that they help prevent vermin and bugs, including birds, bats, and mice. from living in your gutters. Gutter guards also reduce stagnant water in your gutters. Your home will be less attractive to birds and vermin if there is less standing water. Gutter guards also act as an effective barrier for rodents and birds that might otherwise find their way through your roof space and behind fascia boards.

Avoid Frozen Gutters and Ice Dams
Water can build up in your gutter system during winter and freeze, causing ice dams. While gutter guards won’t prevent ice from building up, they can prevent water debris and other obstructions from getting into your gutters. This may help to reduce the possibility of ice dams.

Help Protect Against Fire
Are you in an area that is prone to wildfire? Gutter guards can provide additional protection against fire if your home is located in an area prone to wildfire or brush fires. The embers of a fire can travel quite a distance.These embers can ignite quickly and spread quickly if they come in contact with your gutters’ debris and leaves. Metal gutter guards act as a barrier to debris or lighted embers, providing an additional level of protection for your home.
Avoid Premature Rust or Corrosion
Moisture-laden leaves and other debris can build up in gutters and cause corrosion. Gutter guards prevent leaves, pine needles, and other debris from building up in gutters. Gutter guards are a great way to extend the lifespan of your gutters by preventing rust and corrosion.
Increase Gutter Water Flow
Gutter guards are a great way to increase the flow of water down your gutters. They prevent gutters from getting clogged up. Gutter guards can have an important benefit, especially for rainwater tanks (or rain barrels). Your tank will be able to refill faster when the rains come. You will get cleaner, purer water with fewer contaminants.
Stop Gutter Bloating or Overflow
Gutter guards are recommended for gutters that overflow in heavy rain. Water can damage your foundation and cause flooding to your home. Gutter overflows can also cause unsightly stains to your exterior.

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