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Home Ownership 101: How Do I Select Gutter Guards


Home Ownership 101: How Do I Select Gutter Guards

They can be called gutter screens, gutter covers, or gutter guards but their primary purpose is to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutters and impending the proper flow of rainwater off your roof.

Many approaches have been devised by manufacturers to ensure that gutters don’t clog. Some are better than others. It is important to answer these key questions to determine which gutter guards are best for your needs.

  1. Is it true that gutter guards can filter everything? It depends. Gutter guards are made of different materials, including vinyl, aluminum and stainless steel, and the size of the holes that allow water to filter through varies. When installed properly, metal gutter guards can keep everything but the smallest debris from landing your gutters. In addition to leaves, pine needles and sticks, better systems can filter seeds, most pollen and other small particles. However, you’ll want to inspect your gutter guards seasonally to ensure small particles aren’t getting stuck in the mesh and preventing water from flowing properly.

  2. Do gutter guards cause damage to roof shingles when installed? Gutter guards should not cause damage to your roof shingles when installed correctly. While DIY gutter guard solutions may seem tempting, gutter professionals are trained to properly secure your gutter guards to ensure correct function and durability.

  3. Are gutter guards susceptible to clogging with leaves? When installed correctly, gutter guards should prevent your gutter system from getting clogged with leaves. Our mesh features a raised variable texture that helps to lift debris off the gutter guard so that air can more easily flow, encouraging leaves and other debris to dry and blow off in the wind.

  4. Are gutter guards fragile? As with any exterior component of your home, your gutters could be damaged by severe weather. We use durable, long-lasting products made of high-quality materials that can withstand normal and most severe weather conditions.

  5. Are gutter guards going to be an eyesore? No, our stainless steel mesh gutter guards complement your gutter system and are rarely visible at ground level.

  6. Are gutter guards effective in heavy rainfall? Yes, gutter guards are designed to filter debris and manage rainfall even during heavy rainfall. A gutter professional can evaluate your roof lines to determine if even certain areas of your roof, such as the end of a roof valley, may need a more sophisticated gutter system.

  7. Can gutter guards be installed on my current gutter system? Yes, they can be installed on any type of gutter or roof, but to get maximum value from your gutter guards, we recommend installing them on seamless aluminum gutters.

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You can protect your home and property against water damage and erosion by installing the most effective gutter guard system available. Impact Roofing & Construction gutter guards are strong and durable, preventing clogs and improving the functionality of a gutter system. Get a FREE estimate for gutter guards in Evans and the greater Augusta, GA, area today.