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Why Gutters Play an Important Role on Your Home


Why Gutters Play an Important Role on Your Home

Gutters direct water off of your roof. By doing so, they play a crucial role in protecting the structure and foundation of your home. If you don’t properly clean and maintain your gutters, you risk your gutters overflowing, causing water to pool and potentially seep into your house’s foundation. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of properly functioning gutters.


It’s important to care for the exterior of your home, including its foundation and siding. Your home’s vulnerability to moisture issues is significantly increased by rainwater accumulating around it. If accumulation happens extremely quickly or for a significant period of time, it can cause flooding or other issues. In some cases, these issues can lead to costly cleanups that can take several months. Installing a gutter system can help prevent flooding and other moisture problems. It will be a relief to not have to deal with foundation issues or water seeping into the interior of your home.


Your landscape can be seriously damaged if rainwater is not draining well or floods a specific area consistently. Poor rainwater distribution can also cause soil problems such as loss of essential minerals. Installing a gutter system will help evenly distribute rainwater into the soil, lessening erosion. An experienced gutter company can help you create a custom installation plan that reflects both your roof lines and your landscaping, helping properly drain precipitation from your yard.


Many bugs, such as mosquitoes, love to roost where there is water. If they discover standing water on your property, then they will lay eggs there. Once the eggs hatch, they will return to your home for more shelter. It can quickly become a vicious cycle!
Installing a custom gutter system can help get rid of pesky bugs by reducing the amount of standing water.


No one wants to find mold growth in their home, but the presence of moisture creates ideal conditions for mold to grow. If rainwater isn’t properly draining away from your home and its foundation, your foundation and walls may become damp and over time, this can lead to mold growth.
A gutter system is designed to drain the water from your home and into the ground, helping keep the moisture where it can help, not hurt. In addition to installing gutters, any cracks or holes in your foundation should be filled immediately.
Don’t forget the gutter system when you purchase a new – or new to you – home or if you are renovating your home. This hardworking system is an unsung hero. Redirecting water away from your property will help protect your home and outdoor spaces against water damage and erosion.

Impact Roofing & Construction can help you fix the most vulnerable areas of your home. As your Augusta and Evans GA gutters specialist, we can install new gutters, gutter guards, or update your existing gutter system. For more information about our gutter installation services, contact us today.