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What is the Best Gutter Guard Material?


What is the Best Gutter Guard Material?

Gutter guards help prevent debris from building up in your gutter system. There are many types of gutter guards on the market today, including ones made from plastic, vinyl, and copper, each claiming to be an effective solution to a frustrating problem. In our experience, there is a better option.

The Perfect Metal Pair: Stainless Steel & Extruded Aluminum

Our gutter guards are made of a stainless steel micro-mesh, designed to allow rainwater into the gutters, while keeping leaves, pine needles and other debris out. They can be installed on any type of gutter or roof, but we recommend installing them on seamless aluminum gutters for several reasons.
  • Durability: Both stainless steel and aluminum are extremely durable, designed to withstand extreme weather (including snow) and require minimal maintenance. Our stainless steel mesh won’t warp under the weight of heavier debris. It also won’t rust.
  • Effectiveness: The small size of our mesh can even prevent most pollen from reaching the gutters. In addition to debris, gutter guards also discourage animals and birds from nesting in your gutters. Our mesh features a raised variable texture that helps to lift debris off the gutter guard so that air can more easily flow, encouraging debris to dry and blow off in the wind.
  • Sustainability: Both stainless steel and aluminum are 100% recyclable so you feel confident about purchasing an environmentally responsible product.

Impact Roofing & Construction Offers Industry Leading Gutter Guards

Impact Roofing & Construction specializes in installing seamless gutters and gutter guards in Evans and the greater Augusta, GA, area. Seamless gutters, as their name implies, are made from one piece of aluminum that is cut precisely to the dimensions of your property or home. No seams mean no leaks. The water will drain away from the property, even after a heavy rain. It won’t get into the basement or your foundation. Impact can help you install a gutter protection system at your house. Call us today for gutter and gutter guard installation services in your area, whether commercial or residential.