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Six Unexpected Things That Could Ruin Your Roof


Six Unexpected Things That Could Ruin Your Roof

The roof is your first line of defense against the elements and bears the brunt of all weather-related damage. It is also a key component of curb appeal, which is important for the value of your home. It’s crucial to contact a roofing contractor near you immediately if you notice any signs of wear.

It’s important to remember that it can be difficult to see the damage until it’s too late. Be informed about what factors can cause damage to your roof. These are six things you may not be aware of that could cause damage to your roof.

Rain and Snow
Your roof’s biggest enemy is moisture. Your roof should be in good shape and has been installed correctly. Rainwater shouldn’t cause much damage if it is well maintained. If rain or snow cannot properly drain off your roof, then problems can quickly arise.

Any type of roofing material can be eroded by standing water. You should act quickly if you find any moisture trapped on your roof or any evidence of standing water.

Clogged Gutters
Your gutters will stop water from draining away from your roof or siding if they are blocked.

Molds and rot can slowly develop from stagnant water. Mold infestation can occur if your gutters are clogged with leaves and branches.

Large trees can be a great addition to your home as they provide shade and cool microclimates, making it pleasant to walk outside. If they are allowed to grow too large, branches that fall onto your roof can cause damage to your roof and allow water to get in. Fallen leaves can also clog gutters and trap moisture. Some trees can even drip sap or resin onto your roof, which can soften asphalt and blister shingles.

Regular trimming and leaf removal can help protect your roof from any tree damage. A qualified arborist can offer advice if you don’t know much about the trees surrounding your home.

Algae Growth

Algae can grow on roofs due to heat, humidity, and poor-quality shingles. Blue-green algae is a common disease on roofs across the United States. This growth can cause rot to your roofing materials and discolor your shingles, making it difficult to control. Algae-resistant shingles can be used to prevent algae growth.

Installation Errors
An installation error can severely impact the quality and durability of your roof.

Poor installation can result in damaged roof flashing. To prevent moisture from getting trapped in the roof’s roof, flashing is placed under shingles. Installing shingles without proper training can lead to mistakes that could cause leaks in your home’s interior.

Human Error
People don’t realize that just stepping on a roof can cause shingles to break. Proper shoes and balanced weight distribution are important if you have to walk on shingles. Better yet, hire professional roofers to do the job instead.

Even the simplest of tasks, such as hanging Christmas lights on your roof or nailing something to it, can cause damage. Even minor nicks or dents in your roofing material can quickly escalate, especially if you have moisture.

Roofs are designed to protect your home’s interior from the weather. Your roof will not be damaged by heavy rains or melting snow if it has been properly installed and maintained. Experienced roofing contractors can perform thorough inspections and maintenance to avoid damage to your roof.

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