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Don’t Wait for a Leak to Replace Your Roof


Don't Wait for a Leak to Replace Your Roof

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roof until it leaks, and this can prove to be a costly mistake. Water damage can be visible inside a house before it causes serious damage, such as mildew and wood rot. If you don’t catch these signs in time, you might find yourself dealing with a contractor to repair your roof or replace shingles, or in some cases – paying for a complete roof replacement. But how do you determine when it may be time to replace your roof?

Here are five indicators that it may be time to replace your roof.
  • Is there mold or mildew odor in your attic space? Are there any dark spots or discolorations in the drywall or wood in your attic? Is your insulation wet?
  • Is there moss or algae on your roof? Algae and moss can cause roof damage by adding weight and moisture to your roof.
  • Are asphalt shingles losing their quality? Check to see if roofing granules are present in your gutters. These granules are essential barriers to sunlight. If the granules become absent, the tile is exposed to sunlight and can crack or leak.
  • Are your shingles cracking or curling? It’s time to replace them. The water barrier has been breached.
  • Roofing professionals should inspect other areas such as the chimney, flashing, caulking around joints, sunroofs, and so on. They should be repaired if they crack or become separated.

Doesn’t My Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

If a storm or other hazard causes a roof leak, homeowners insurance might cover it. Let’s say your roof is damaged by hail, fire, or wind. This causes a leak. If your homeowner’s insurance does not have a hail or wind exclusion, it may pay for the roof repair.
Homeowners insurance does not usually cover damage due to wear and tear or a lack of maintenance. It usually pays to repair any sudden or accidental damage. If the cause of your roof leak is due to age or unresolved maintenance issues, homeowners insurance won’t likely pay for the repair or damage. Impact Roofing & Construction recommends that you have regular roof inspections.

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