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Battling Summertime Heat: How to Make Your Roof Cool in the Summer


Battling Summertime Heat: How to Make Your Roof Cool in the Summer

Your roof is more exposed to sunlight than other parts of the home. Although different areas of your house may be exposed to direct sunlight, they are shaded once the sun goes down. The roof is not subject to this rule. The roof’s ability to absorb and pull in a lot of sunlight, particularly during summer, is a reason why it can be so hot. The roof can become hot and may also heat the home. While your home’s HVAC system works hard to keep the house cool, a hot roof may force it to work harder. It is possible to cool your roof in the summer when temperatures are rising and daylight hours are longer. Here are some tips to help lower the temperature of your roof during summer months, in turn, helping cool your home and lower the wear and tear on your roof.

Considerations when you are looking for a new roof

Are you thinking about a replacement roof? One thing to consider when replacing your roof is the color. The heat that a lighter shingle absorbs and draws is less than that of a darker one. This will cool your house and help reduce the amount of energy used by the AC. It is not something that you should do just if your roof isn’t being replaced. However, it’s worth considering when a roof replacement becomes necessary.
If you don’t want to go with the darker shingle color, there are other options. Some reflective shingle varieties can be used as mirrors. The shingles reflect heat away from your roof instead of reflecting it, helping your roof stay cooler in the summer.

Solar options

Consider solar panels if your home gets a lot of sun. Solar is becoming more attractive than ever as its price continues to fall. During months of significant sunshine, solar panels can greatly reduce, or even eliminate your monthly energy bill. You might be able even to sell off your energy to the utility company in some cases. This is a good way to offset some of the cost associated with solar panels.
There are two options for solar panels. First, there is the traditional solar panel. The panels can be installed on top of the existing shingles. These panels aren’t quite as heavy as they used to be but still cover your roof. The panels can also extend the lifespan of your existing roof because they receive the greatest amount of sunlight, rain, and wind. This is the part that causes most roof damage.
Solar shingle is the second type. They look similar to regular shingles and are easy to install like a roof. The solar paneling won’t be as apparent, so many people may not know you have solar panels unless you point it out. Solar shingles are more expensive, but they don’t impact the aesthetic of your home like traditional solar panels.

Shade boost

You might be happy with the look and health of your current roof, but you want to cool it. This can be done by providing shade for the roof. This is possible with large trees. It doesn’t take long for small trees to become shade-giving plants. A local landscaper can help you determine what to do.
It may also depend on the property lines of your homeowner’s association. You may have to comply with certain HOA requirements regarding tree placement and height. If you have one, make sure that you ask. It is not a good idea to spend money on a huge tree only to be fined every month. There are many tree options that thrive in Georgia temperatures. Although a large tree can provide shade, it won’t protect all of your roof and it can be troublesome in severe weather.

Insulate the interior

Even an established tree can’t project your roof when the sun is directly overhead or at its hottest. Insulating the inside of your house should be a priority. Insulating the space under your roof will help reduce heat loss. In the winter, you can prevent heat loss, and in the summer, you can prevent cool air loss.
The roof is where most of the treated air escapes from your house. (Windows are close behind.) You can save money on your HVAC system by installing insulation around the roof. This will help protect the roof even more. Any cracks or gaps in the interior of your roof will be filled during installation. This will prevent water damage and mold growth. Roof insulation offers a cost-effective upgrade with a good return on your investmen

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