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Dealing with home repairs is enough of a headache without the added hassle of dealing with insurance companies. From the initial inspection until the last nail is driven, we guide our clients through the claims process to make sure they get every dollar they deserve, and none of the stress.  

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If you’re like most people, your home or business is your greatest asset. So when emergencies come up, you can’t afford to put life on hold while you wait for roofing repairs. We promise a quick response and streamlined process to make sure your roofing needs are handled as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

We are licensed and bonded in Georgia and South Carolina. So contact us today for your free roof inspection or quote.


Many homeowners don’t realize that storm damage is covered by their insurance plans. Even the ones who do don’t always recognize the signs of roof damage. While some types of damage are very apparent, here are five commonly overlooked signs that your roof has storm damage:

  • Missing, torn, or creased shingles
  • Bruised asphalt shingles or dented metal shingles
  • Dents on vents, gutters or flashing
  • Leaks or water spots on interior ceilings 
  • Piles of shingle granules in gutters

If you see any of these indicators or suspect that your roof has storm damage, DON’T WAIT to get a professional opinion! Some insurers won’t cover damage that results from lack of maintenance and prevention.

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picture of storm damage to roof
picture of storm damage
picture of roof damage
picture of roof damage

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common signs of storm damage are missing shingles, broken tabs, waterspots on interior ceilings, and hail damage. Contact us today for a free on-site inspection.

Yes! We guide our clients through the process of assessing damage and exploring payment and insurance options.

Typicallly, insurance will cover all repairs that aren’t due to normal wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, no matter the age of the roof. For that reason, it’s important to frequently inspect your roof for issues that may lead to long-term damage.

Yes! We provide one of the best workmanship warranties in the Augusta River Region. Call us today to get more details!

Generally speaking, a new roof can be expected to last anywhere from 10 -25 years. But the time can vary depending on factors such as climate and weather conditions, roof and shingle material, maintenance and upkeep.


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